Litany of Curses

A typing game created in the marvelous Godot engine in a week for Godot Wild Jam #54 by texnoforge and friends:

"I feel immersed typing away in a boundless void of death with the echoes of my failures."

                                                                                    – Avocadough


Control the game by typing the text you see, that's all!

Sorry for no sound/music controls, out of time 🙈


If you want some extra challenge, you can achieve:

  • Perfectionist: Correct all your mistakes by having Effective Accuracy 100 %
  • Firm: Don't correct a single mistake and don't input space in place of character by mistake.
  • Flawless: Don't make any mistakes - Raw Accuracy 100 %

Reaching Fast (70+ WPM) is quite impressive IMHO, higher speeds are nearly inhuman - post screenshots or it didn't happen :)

Update: Hiro holds top score with insane 120 WPM 🤯

Share your Result in Comments for Fun and Profit

Please share your result screen in Comments to show your typing skills and help us balance our next typing game better, thanks ♥

On Windows you can use Win+Shift+S to select screen region with mouse and then save it to file. In Comments editor, select Insert Image button.


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I really liked the effects of the characters flying in!

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Holy Crab, you can type at 111 WPM with 99% accuracy?! That’s 555 Chars per Minute or 9 Chars per Second or 9.25 Hz :-o

That’s inhuman, I bow to your mad typing skills!

There’s only one rank above Ultra Fast, I didn’t expect anyone to come even close to 120 WPM, this is very interesting - thanks for sharing!

Not sure I can go any faster than this while maintaining decent accuracy. I thought 120 would unlock the next rank but I guess not. :P

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Lol you broke it, the Cursist is duplicated for some reason and Perfectionist shoulnd’t even be there… nice :D

You might have hit the rounding threshold of 119.5-119.99999 WPM or my code sucks for the >= 120 WPM edge case… (The rank was supposed to be “insane”)

Either way, MAD speed!


the vibe is great here :)
the overall feeling is really good.

But I'm still very bad at typing ^^

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Thanks for playing and feeling it, now you’re insignificantly better at typing :D

Ain’t easy to get Flawless, I had to slow down.


Loved the sound and music, created a real spooky ambiance for the game.

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Thanks, I passed your compliment to the artists behind those :)

I for one really enjoy the funny song created by letter sounds, it really responds to how I type, telling me a little about my typing habits while sounding real cool 🔊


Great fun! Felt very engaged with finding out how the story/dialogue progressed!!

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Glad you like it, decent WPM :) The lines are randomly selected from a predefined set, they might accidentally create a story :D


Im noot veby goot at tping. Great game though

Slow but steady :) Thanks for playing and sharing your score!

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Our music composer’s score :)

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Here is developer’s score if you need a challenge.

I can be taunted into tryharding if someone beats it ;)